Aug 31, 2011

Amy Bunger Opens Her Stitch Guide Library

Amy's just announced that she is soon going to release 8-10 years' worth of custom stitch guides she's written for purchase.  The details are in Amy's September 2011 newsletter.

Amy's done a lot of guides over the years and many canvases may be no longer available, but since you might have one she wrote a guide for hidden away, waiting for just this opportunity, make sure you check out the lists (which will be PDF files you download from her website that are updated periodically) when Amy makes them available.  The process will be for customers to email Amy asking about a guide in case it uses a lot of threads which are no longer available.  She'll have to update the guide in that case and might even have to borrow your canvas to do this.  The guides will be available for purchase with the purchase of the canvas or the thread kit, or both, just like the new custom guides currently listed on Amy's website (link below).

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