Aug 2, 2011

Amy Bunger Guides on the Cheap

Stitch guides from Amy Bunger are pretty expensive, but she's started doing short guides that are only $15 with the purchase of either the canvas or the thread kit (or both) for the double-sided clip on bird canvases from Labors of Love.  The bird canvases themselves cost between $60-75, depending on how large they are and whether they come with a Tony Minieri stitch guide.  (Amy's working on some that don't already have a Tony guide so there's no overlap, sadly.  Having both Tony and Amy working the same bird would be a great treat and quite an education! )  Here's Amy's announcement.  She's done the Baltimore Oriole already and is starting on the peacock.

Here is the eagle.

If you want to see the entire flock of canvases, visit the Labors of Love website.

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