Jul 18, 2010

Stitch Guide Heaven (French Knot)

If you have explored my Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Stitch Guides site thoroughly, you've already visited French Knot to view its Petei stitch guides and other guides for their monthly clubs.  The site has been redesigned with emphasis on all the stitch guides they have available so French Knot deserves its own posting now.

French Knot has been writing stitch guides for their monthly club series and for their customers for at least five years.  They have an extensive library of stitch guides and write:  "Stitch guides are available for almost all stitched models, and if one doesn't exist now in our extensive stitch guide library, we will be happy to write one for you."

So explore their website and if you see a stitched model that makes your stitching heart beat a little faster, email them to see if the guide is available and what the cost might be. It looks like they sell guides without your having to buy the canvas and/or threads in case you own it already.  Guides are written by Diana Bosworth or Paula Fehleison from what I can discover on the French Knot site.

Canvases with guides are available from designers such as Alexa, Boots Bailey, Canvasworks * Traditions, Danji, Joan Mahaley, Melissa Shirley, Petei, Princess and Me, Strictly Christmas, Quail Run, Raymond Crawford, Rebecca Wood/Susan Roberts, Share One's Ideas, Shelly Tribbey, Tapestry Tent, and The Studio. Something for everyone, in other words.

Here's an interview about Diana Bosworth that I republished on my other Blog, the Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure. It's always fun to meet stitch guide writers who create such amazing roadmaps for the canvases we enjoy.