Jul 15, 2010

River Silks Ribbon Painted Canvas Guides

Rishfield Designs
If you have never tried silk ribbon embroidery on your painted canvas, the silk ribbon company River Silks has kits you might want to try.  The kits include the canvas (usually painted but occasionally line drawn) and the ribbons, plus stitch guide, practice canvas and ribbon and a needle.  The stitch guides are also available as downloadable PDF files on their website.

Designers include Boots Bailey, Anne Brinkley, Anne Cram, Changing Woman Designs, Raymond Crawford, Danji Designs, Jean Smith, Julia's Needleworks, Keri Designs, Leigh Designs, Napa Needlepoint (Janet Perry), Pease on Earth, Rishfield Designs, Barbara Russell, Kate Schofield, Sophia Designs and Tapestry Tent.

To see the finished designs, go here.  There is a link at the top to the Stitch Guides PDF page.  They are listed alphabetically there.

The stitch guides are basic.  If you need an introduction stitching with silk ribbon, read this.

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