Jul 21, 2010

David's Kindergarten Nativity (and Custom Guides)

Labors of Love has a new Nativity set out.  It features kids dressed up as characters in a Nativity pageant and all the canvases come with stitch guides by David McCaskill.  The link below shows the plain canvases which are adorable.   There's an ad in Needlepoint Now that shows these finished but it's not a good enough photo to tell much about how they are done.  However, David McCaskill is a dynamite stitcher and knows tons about threads, so I don't think you'll be disappointed.  Besides, the stitch guide comes with the canvases for free.  Here they are unstitched.

David himself does custom stitch guides.  His website contains information (including general pricing) and examples of a page from one of his guides.  Don't miss clicking on More Examples to see, among other things, his fabulous guide for the Opera Singer which won all the major awards at the 2007 Baltimore ANG Seminar.


Anonymous said...

Is there a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's Old Fashioned Santa Clause?

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I don't know if there is a stitch guide for the Old Fashioned Santa Claus from Melissa Shirley. There may be but she has a lot of Santas and quite a few of them might be described as Old Fashioned. Can you look here and identify the one you are interested in?


I know there's a stitch guide for Peppermint Santa (by Ruth Schmuff) which you can see here-

Plus Chandail is doing a series of three Santas that might be called old fashioned from Melissa Shirley. You can see them here.

If you can tell me more exactly which Santa you want a guide for, I can give you a good idea whether an already written guide is available or not. Of course there are custom guide writers, too.