Aug 28, 2016

One Stop Stitch Guide Shopping (The Needleart Nut) UPDATED

Pat Miller (whom you know from her Needleart Nut blog) has had a busy summer writing stitch guides.  The following four were custom guides, written by Pat who kindly kitted out the designs for her customers.  Now they are available to the general public.  Contact Pat to pick up the guides only, or to ask her to assemble a thread kit for you, too.  The first guide is for Denise's "Be Mine" heart.  Pat changed the colors pre her customer's request to make this a red hot Valentine project.

Do you love Easter? Then Brenda Stofft's "Floral Egg" is a must have for you.  I love the sheep!

Maybe you are a Christmas person?  Then Raymond Crawford's elegant "Holly with Berries" is to your taste.

Of course if you don't decorate for the holidays, how about Debbie Mumm's gorgeous "Flower Cart"?  This canvas is from Melissa Shirley, who distributes Debbie's great artwork on needlepoint canvas.

UPDATE:  It is fabulous stitched!

Because these are customs, Pat hasn't stitch them.  Therefore there isn't a model, but trust me--Pat's special talent is coming up with easy stitches in lovely threads that look fabulous when stitched.


NCPat said...

Thanks Jane! I have been busy, it is true with more to come!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I know! I am in awe of your work schedule.