Aug 9, 2016

New Travel Rounds--with Guides! (Kirk and Bradley plus Virginia Barney) UPDATED

Jinny Bradley shows off the newest travel rounds from Kirk and Bradley:  Charleston, Washington, D.C., Ireland and Las Vegas.  All these new rounds come with a free stitch guide from Jinny herself.  You can see the finished models here for all except Las Vegas.

UPDATE:  More travel rounds (each canvas includes a guide) have been added to the K&B collection.  That means you can pick up Hawaii, Kentucky, Charleston, London and New York City as well.

UPDATE #2:  There are more and more travel rounds available with guides. The list currently includes:  Augusta, St. Andrews, Barcelona, Boston, Canada, Charleston, Chicago, Hawaii, Ireland, Kentucky, Las Vegas, London, Miami, New Orleans, Paris, Raleigh, Rome, Royal Ascot, San Francisco, Scotland, Spain, Texas, Venice, Wales, Washington D.C., and Wimbleton.

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