Aug 3, 2014

New Guides from Amy Bunger's Shop

Amy's Golden Strand has announced two new stitch guides--one for Melissa Shirley's patriotic Fourth of July Basket and one for Rogue Needlepoint's Queen Jane Seymour in the Henry VIII and His Wives set.  Two more guides are underway--Vicki Sawyer's "Garden Party" (she is a new designer to be distributed by Melissa Shirley starting at the Dallas trade show in early September) and Melissa Shirley's "Winter White" basket.  AND Amy is selling some of Sandy Arthur's guides for Rogue Needlepoint's Downton Abbey characters.

By the way, Julia Snyder just posted on Facebook she's going to do a guide for Garden Party, too. I love choices!  Julia's guide will be available in February 2015 and she will be teaching this at various shops.

AND Laura Taylor is going to do her own version.  I assume Julia's and Laura's classes will be available as guides eventually but I'm not 100 percent sure.

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