Aug 5, 2014

Facebook Tells All

If you hang out on Facebook like I have to, you will soon discover there are many more stitch guides available than you realized when the shops or their customers show off their latest goodies.  Cindy Salzman has done a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's double sided Christmas bear.  You can contact Cindy via Cindy's Needle Art (second link).

Michele Herron is finalizing a stitch guide for Pajamas and Chocolate's Three Witches canvas.  Michele calls this "Girls Night Out.""  Michele owns the Bristly Thistle so you can snag a copy when the guide is ready from there (second link).

Melissa Shirley has posted covers of two new stitch guides for her canvases on her Facebook page.  Laura Taylor has written a guide for Melissa's Bright Bouquet Table and...

...Laura has also done a guide for the Mary Lake Thompson Canned Veggies canvas that Melissa distributes.  Any shop can order these from Melissa when they order the canvas for you.

Finally, Sharon Quick just finished a "blingy" version of Annie Lane's "Road Trip."  Email Sharon at or send her a message via Facebook's messaging system to order.

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