Dec 5, 2013

The Woodland Santa (Melissa Shirley Designs)

Enriched Stitch's Becki Gebhardt has created a wonderful version of the Melissa Shirley Woodland Santa that the shop is selling a guide for now.  Woodland Santa shows the man in red carrying a cut Christmas tree, wreath, pine cones, etc. through the snowy forest, a fox and deer walking by his side.  There is a rabbit riding his pack and a bird in the air, watching for the decorating that is about to begin.  You can also buy the canvas from the shop.  If you pick up the threads at the same time, they will throw in the guide for free.

It's never too late to order a special Christmas present for yourself or to get started on a beautiful Christmas piece for 2014.

UPDATE:  Melissa Shirley Designs posted the official cover for this guide on their Facebook page.

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