Dec 16, 2013

Kimberly Does Painted Canvases--And Guides!

Kimberly Crum was well known for her wonderful counted canvaswork designs but the industry changed some, painted canvases became The Thing, and Kimberly became Kimberly Smith.  Time marches on, you know!

But yesterday Ruth Schmuff announced that she and Kimberly have created a new partnership.  Kimberly is going to do painted canvas designs and Ruth is going to distribute them.

AND Kimberly is doing stitch guides for the canvases!  What could be better!!?!  (The guides aren't quite ready yet but soon, very soon....)

Here is Kimberly's space on Ruth's website.  Keep an eye on this as new designs are added.

There's nothing else quite like Kimberly's whimsical and colorful small pieces.  I can't wait to see more!

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