Aug 2, 2013

Prancing and Parading Around Chilly Hollow

I'm A Cover Girl!

I now officially have The Big Head.  The July-August issue of Needlework Retailer* features my Caribe' Bermuda canvas (and Sandy Arthur's Caribe' Montego box top) on the cover!

This is a big deal for Leigh Designs and for Sandy and myself.  We are in the big time now!

I am even trying to convince Sandy we should have a booth at the next trade show and sell autographs for a quarter.  Each.

So far, Sandy has said No.

(Guess she heard I was planning to hand out autographed photos of Watson and myself as well.)

Sandy stitched the large version of Jamaica for the Columbus trade show.  Here you see it on display on the right.  My small Trinidad pillow is in the center and Sandy's small Montego is on the right.  The smiling redhead in the back is Leigh Richardson herself, the creator of these charmers.

I understand that the large versions of Martinique and Barbados have stitch guides now and so do the small versions of Bermuda, Trinidad and Jamaica.  You can see all the available large Caribe' guides in the link below.   Click on any photo with a stitch guide noted to see the finished model.  The available guides for the small Caribe' coaster sized versions are shown in the second link.

Will you excuse me?  I need to go check to see if the star on my new dressing room's door is large enough, pink enough and sparkly enough....

*Needlework Retailer is the trade magazine for shops that sell needlework in the United States.  It showcases the newest product ads and has a few brief articles about industry news.


Leigh said...

Congratulations, Jane! You and Sandy both have received 'rave reviews' on these models! And there you are on the cover of The Retailer!!!! You take a bow, I'll go shine up your pink star with a little Windex!


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thank you VERY much! (Do you also polish windows???)