Feb 10, 2013

Stitch Guides from Enriched Stitch

The Enriched Stitch in Connecticut has updated their site with a list of stitch guides they offer. I believe all the guides are written by Suzie P. Vallerie who teaches at the shop.  The list is by designer:  Kathy Schenkel, Ewe and Eye/Maggie, Brenda Stofft, Liz at Tapestry Tent/Susan Roberts, Melissa Shirley, Rebecca Wood, DJ Designs, Design Gallery, Needle Deeva, Shelly Tribbey and Strictly Christmas.  A few items have photos of the canvases but most just have a brief description. You'll have to ask the shop if you are unsure about whether the guide you want is on the list.  Click on Location to get their email address and phone number.

They also are working on Ewe and Eye's Winter Farm Fun for their Fall 2014 retreat.   This will be available as a stitch guide and/or kit after the retreat ends.

Here's a listing of all the Melissa Shirley designs Enriched Stitch has guides for.

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