Feb 14, 2013

Mermaids in the Air (or Ocean) UPDATED

Stitch By Stitch in Larchmont has added a great new stitch guide for a mermaid tooth fairy pillow to their collection.  I am not certain who the designer of this canvas is but it might be Gayla Elliott.  Anyone know?

Ruth Schmuff is also doing a stitch guide for mermaids, this time for four Sandra Gilmore (Once in a Blue Moon) mermaid panels.  These were originally released for a tuffet but Ruth talked Sandra into doing rectangular versions.  Then Ruth wrote stitch guides for all four mermaids.

Whatever style mermaid suits you, there is a stitch guide!

UPDATE:  EyeCandy's mermaid pirate also has a Ruth Schmuff stitch guide.  Ada (the genius behind EyeCandy) posted a photo of a finished mermaid with her pirate patch and octopus but Ruth's stitch guide is slightly different as you can see from the photos of all the supplies.

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