Sep 26, 2010

Painted Pony and Eye Candy Stitch Guides

Painted Pony's Surfing Star Angel
This week I discovered a list of which Painted Pony and which EyeCandy designs have stitch guides.  Painted Pony's guides are written by someone named Susan (no last name) who apparently is also working guides for some of their series.  If anyone has Susan's last name, please let me know.  I'd like to credit her properly.  The design above is he Surfing Star Angel, one of their new canvases.

EyeCandy's Seasonal Tree for Fall

EyeCandy's guides are written by Susan Allanson in most cases, although I found one by Janet Perry and Ruth Scmuff did a guide for their Counted Puzzle pattern.

I haven't seen guides for these canvases written by either person so I can't give you a review of them.  However, since EyeCandy's seasonal tree series is going to be featured in Needlepoint Now magazine starting with the September-October 2010 issue, you can probably get some idea of their guides if you subscribe to this magazine.  The photo above is EyeCandy's Seasonal Tree for Fall.

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