Sep 23, 2010

New Quilted Series Stitch Guides by Tapestry Fair

Large Quilted Turkey
Tapestry Fair is starting to offer stitch guides for their "Quilted Square" series.  These designs are being done as a class at Family Arts Needlework in Phoenix, Arizona, and the canvases (either painted or line drawn) will be offered from Tapestry Fair with stitch guides optional.

Partridge and Pear
The Partridge and Pear stitch guide is finished.  You can see it in the photo of the stitch guide cover above.

The first guide written is for the large Quilted Turkey canvas above.  (There is going to be a smaller Quilted Turkey but it isn't ready just yet although the model is stitched.)  The Quilted Crows and Apples design will have its stitch guide written next.

Small Quilted Turkey

Here's the Small Quilted Turkey design which is on 13 count.

You can follow news of new canvases and the stitch guides which Peggi is starting to develop at the Tapestry Fair site.  Just click on the News tab and a new window will open to allow you to read all about it.

Apples and Crows Quilted Square
Peggi agreed to let me post photos of the Quilted series here since she hasn't had time to put them up on her website yet.  Hope you enjoy them.  The Apples and Crows one is my favorite because it is different from the usual autumn themed canvas.  What's your favorite?

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