May 11, 2010

Leigh, Raymond Crawford, and ThreadworX

Remilia Stitch Guide from Leigh Designs' Ladies of the Night Series

ThreadworX is breaking new ground with their stitch guides for Leigh and Raymond Crawford canvases.  They are a thread company, not a painted canvas designer or teacher.  Their kit provide a stitch guide and all the threads to stitch painted canvas in a "kit" from their various thread lines.  Since they offer a great variety of fibers, the kits have a lot of various thread types in them.  They do a few designs of their own (currently the bird series) but right now the kits they furnish are just for a series of Leigh and Raymond Crawford canvases.  You can explore their available stitch guides at the link below.

Leigh says that if your shop calls ThreadworX to order a guide and threads for a Leigh canvas, ThreadworX will get the canvas straight from Leigh and send it all to you without the shop having to make another call to order the canvas from Leigh.

If you are not familiar with ThreadworX threads or their fine newsletter Journal, you should explore the site a little.  They are also starting a series of booklets they call WorXbooks to teach you techniques for painted canvases.  Right now there aren't many details on the site for this new venture but it looks pretty interesting to me.

UPDATE:  Beth has done a stitch guide for Remilia from Leigh Designs' Ladies of the Night series (pictured above). The stitch guide and thread pack will be available wholesale from either ThreadworX or Leigh Designs.

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