May 7, 2010

Aristeia Needlepoint and Melissa Shirley Guides

Aristeia Needlepoint in Los Angeles has many talented stitchers among their staff who specialize in writing stitch guides for Melissa Shirley canvases.  They've added a page to their website that shows a selection of the guides available from the shop with a purchase of the canvas there.  They will do a guide for free for a canvas purchased at the shop but there is a charge for a guide done for a canvas bought elsewhere.

There is no price list for the guides.  The ones shown are from Wendy Harwood and Laura Taylor but I believe they also sell guides by Beverly Churchfield.

UPDATE:  Melissa Shirley has added profiles of all the stitch guide writers for her designs.  Here is Wendy Harwood's--

Here is Beverly Churchfield's--

Here is Laura Taylor's--

Laura has a new website, by the way.

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