May 16, 2010

Ch'ing Dragon Chinese Dynasty Ornament

The Ch'ing Dragon Chinese Dynasty Ornament is available from Chillyhollow (that's me) for $10.  This design is a 4 inch round ornament from Leigh Designs painted on 18 count canvas.  The canvas itself is number Ch'ing Ornament/Coaster #8212. Your shop may order the canvas from Leigh Designs if you plan to stitch it instead of just collecting my stitch guides as reference material.

The stitch guide for this piece is a 14-page document with a complete thread list on the back and 16 photographs to help you understand how to stitch the dragon.  It is available as an emailed PDF document, although for $75 (including shipping and mailing) I can print out and mail a hard copy to you.  What can I say?  Paper, ink and postage are expensive!

If you have questions, please post a comment after this article or email me directly at sg from chnp at gmail dotcom.

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