Oct 23, 2017

First Snow (Chris Roberts-Antieau, Maggie and Robin King)

Vicki has posted a photograph of her finished "First Snow" on Facebook.

The stitch guide is by Robin King and the Chris Roberts-Antieau design used to be available from Maggie but I think this canvas has been discontinued.


Robin said...

Hi Jane. Isn't this a fun piece. Yes, Maggie Co no longer distributes. The Chris Roberts-Antieau canvases are now available from ArtNeedlepoint.com. I have written several stitch guides: First Snow; Bubble Biter; Secretariat; Good Dog; and Rollover. Thanks for all of your recognition! Hugs to all in Chilly Hollow. :)

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the information, Robin!