Sep 14, 2017

Witchy Women UPDATED

The latest series from Leigh Designs, just released at Destination Dallas 2017, is "Witchy Women."  As Leigh herself puts it, "Elegantly mysterious, the sorceress practices her black magic, or white, as suits her mood. She's a Witchy Woman, altering anything in her path with a snap of her fingers!"

As always with Leigh, there are eight designs in the series, and five have stitch guides already.  You can see the models by clicking on the photo of any witch with "stitch guide" under her picture.  Don't miss Circe's stunning silver jewelry and beaded cape (Pat Miller), Nyla's amazing blackwork skirt and shredded sleeves (Sharon Quick), Belladonna's astounding feathered headdress and beaded belt (Jane Wood*), Serafina's puffed sleeve jacket and amazing veiled hat (Suzie Vallerie), or Drusilla's amazing robe with beaded trim.  Each is gorgeous!

Your favorite shop can order these from Leigh Designs and get the stitch guide there as well, assuming that there is one for your favorite Witchy.

*Note that Belladonna is my stitching,  Just FYI.  We do full disclosure here!

UPDATE:  Here's a better look at Circe' who has the lovely purple gown.

UPDATE #2:  Here's a better look at Serafina, particularly her detailed beading.

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