Jan 23, 2017

Illuminations, Chinese Lanterns By Leigh Designs

Leigh Designs' newest series is a set of Chinese lanterns called "Illuminations," just released at the Winter 2017 TNNA Market.

There are three stitch guides ready to ship with canvases, of course!  The first is "Gateway to Paradise," which is the peacock lantern, beautifully stitched by Sandy Arthur.  Here is the model.

The second, "Portal to Immortality," is the tiger screen lantern, stitched by me.  Here is the model.

The third is "Sentinel of Wisdom," which features a dragon stunningly stitched by Carolyn Taggart.

The rumor mill says Laura Taylor is debating whether to stitch the purple butterflies ("Victorious Passage") or the pink birds lantern ("Spiritual Staircase").  Stay tuned for more guides!

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