Jan 8, 2015

A New Voice from Owl Stitchery UPDATED AGAIN

Mary's Christmas Tree

There's a new stitch guide writer in town--Mary Waldesmith of Owl Stitchery. Newly retired, Mary has started a website and blog featuring her guides.  Visit her website to contact Mary about writing a guide for your canvas.

Visit Mary's blog to see the guides she's done. The featured canvas is the new Holiday House from Needle Deeva that I posted about yesterday under the TNNA news tab, but Mary's also stitched the Fall Hearts series from Needle Deeva.  Use the tabs at the top of the page for the eye candy.

By the way, Mary also teaches Zentangle. Her abstract silver and gold Christmas tree design (pictured above) will be available to EGA members soon.  Keep your fingers crossed that ANG also uses this as a chapter project!

UPDATE:  Mary is creating a guide for Needle Deeva's Holiday House stocking.  Just in case you want more Holiday House than just the smaller piece she's guided.

UPDATE #2:  Mary's added photos of models she's stitched and created stitch guides for to her blog.  Click on either Owls or Stitched Canvases to see them all.

UPDATE #3:  Needle Deeva's distributor posted photos of the hearts Mary stitched for them.  They are just back from the finisher.


UPDATE #4:  Mary's Needle Deeva Holiday House is back from the finisher.  It makes a wonderful pillow!

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