Dec 3, 2014

Tommy the Ghost (Leigh Designs)

Leigh Designs' Tommy from Lil Goblins Series

I have put the final stitches in Tommy, the ghost from Leigh Designs' Lil Goblins series!

Do you ever have designs tell you emphatically that they don't want the fancy foo-foo stuff?  This is one of those bossy designs.  It's a rather masculine design, after all, and little boys don't want fancy bows or sparkles or anything like that.  How do you make something interesting to stitch when it the design  refuses fancy touches?  I decided to do an ombre shaded background....

ombre shading background underway

create a sheet from a simple Bargello pattern....

The Sheet--Which Uses Glow In the Dark Threads, Naturally!

....and add candy to the fancy pumpkin pail Tommy uses to collect candy tribute from each house he visits.

Candy Ended Up Inside the Pail

As always, the stitch guide is available from Leigh Designs when your shop orders the canvas from them or you can pick up the stitch guide directly from me if Tommy is already haunting your house.  This design is particularly suitable for the stitcher who wants to move from plain tent stitching to using a few fancier threads and stitches.    Nothing is too hard but everything is fun to play with.


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