Nov 16, 2014

Silver Bells (Russian Maidens Series) UPDATED

Pat Miller is starting to blog-stitch Silver Bells from the new Leigh Designs' Russian maidens series!  "Silver Bells" is my personal favorite of the eight Winter Maidens, so I can't wait to see what Pat does with her.  A stitch guide will be available from Leigh Designs (if you are a shop) or from Pat directly (if you are a stitcher) once Pat finishes.

UPDATE:  The guide for Silver Bells is ready!  You may purchase from Pat herself or ask Leigh Designs to send you the guide when your shop orders the canvas for you.

Here are the other seven Winter Maidens.  Stay tuned.  I will be stitching Woodland Belle and Sandy Arthur will be doing Pretty Poinsettia.  My Snow Maiden stitch guide is already available from Leigh Designs or myself.

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