Mar 5, 2014

Inspiration from Stitch Guides

As a writer of stitch guides, I often look to other stitch guide writers for inspiration and ideas.  I have a small collection of showcase pieces that I consider the height of art on painted canvases.   Here in no particular order are some amazing stitch guides for some fascinating canvases.

Robin's Jolly Nutcrackers

I consider Robin King's work on dede Odgen's Jolly Nutcrackers the height of what beards can be.  The beautiful confetti background is ornate but doesn't detract from the individual nutcrackers in their finery.  For all the riot of pattern, each nutcracker's outfit is restrained and doesn't detract from all the other uniforms there.

Colors of Praise with the Robin King Touch

Robin also did an outstanding job with dimension on this Colors of Praise canvas (stitched by Gail Pearlman Abelman).   Apparently the background is wool, the slippers are done in skip tent with beads in the empty intersections, and the pompoms are ribbon.  The stitch guide for this is available from Robin.

Lani's Geisha Scroll One

I don't know if Lani Silver stitches all the stitch guides for her designs but her Carnavale masks, the shoe series and her geishas are all an inspiration.  This photograph taken by Carolyn Hedge Baird at the Winter 2013 trade show is a good example of the balance and complexity Lani's stitched pieces have.  They are over the top in a restrained way.  Look carefully at the ecru boxes and the unusual face stitch. This piece is as complex as Robin's nutcrackers but the design itself is much simpler.

Brenda's Horses

Brenda Hart's rendition of Laurel Burch's Wild Horses from Danji Designs is another masterpiece.  Each of the six horses is done in a different stitch yet it all looks harmonious.

Ruth's Cat Walks in the Garden

Ruth Schmuff took this HP Designs cat and made it walk!  I think my favorite part of this design is the background and the sprinkle of beads at the cat's feet but the dimension Ruth achieved is amazing as well.  The framing is also fabulous on this.

Ruth's Ewe and Eye Snowmen

Ruth has taken this classic snowmen piece from Ewe and Eye and written a classic guide for it.  I am not that wild about Ewe and Eye's style nor do snowmen charm me, but this is a WOW piece.

Tony Tackles Burne-Jones
Tony Minieri has done wonders with this art reproduction canvas from Art Needlepoint.  It shows one of Edward Burne-Jones' paintings.  Look carefully at the clothing and the wings, and of course the texture of the border in the background.  Genius!

Carolyn Hedge Baird Brings Vicki Sawyer's Festival Owls to Life
I adore the new Festival Owls from Vicki Saywer/Melissa Shirley as Carolyn Hedge Baird stitched it.  You can connect with Carolyn to buy the guide by using her Facebook page or talk to Chaparral Needlepoint to buy it.

Melissa Shirley's Beach Birds is a charmer but when Brenda Hart creates stitches for it, it becomes inspirational!

There are many stitched canvases that I adore, many that I would love to stitch, many that have wonderful stitch guides.  There are a great many teachers whose work I admire greatly.  But the above stop me in my tracks every time.

How about you?  What knocks you off your feet every time you see it?


Robin said...

OH, wow! Thank you so much, Jane. I am honored to be included in your grouping. Many hugs! Robin

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

I just love all those nutcrackers and you know, I generally don't like nutcracker designs. Feel very complimented! LOL