Feb 13, 2014

Raymond Crawford Acorns Stitch Guide

Sue Dulle's Acorns pillow is just back from the finisher--and it is spectacular!  Sue will have a stitch guide available for this beauty if you are interested.  Contact her at sudu@kc.rr.com for more information.

To see just how spectacular, look at the original unpainted canvas.  It is the only design on the bottom row of the Thanksgiving themed ones.  Click on the thumbnail and the larger photo will show up.

By the way, stitch guide writers will be interested to see that Sue plans to write about ADSee's Canvas 15 software, which is used for stitch diagrams on the PC.  It's an expensive program but folks who do a lot of charting love it.  Right now it is not available on the Mac, but apparently that is planned for later this year.  I expect Sue's guidance on how to use the system will be of great interest in some quarters.

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