Jan 4, 2014

When the Snow Outside is Frightful! UPDATED

When the snow outside is frightful (as in three inches of snow that the overnight temperatures of 11 turned to ice), we should all play in the snow.  If you hate being cold (or long for cold winters because you are living in Miami heat), then team up with Brenda Hart and stitch "Candy Rush" from Ewe and Eye.  It'll warm your heart, even if it won't warm your toes.

Look at all those textures and beads!  If this is a must have, canvases are on order at Bedecked and Beadazzled and you can pick up Brenda's stitch guide there as well.

UPDATE:  Ruth has added Melissa Shirley's Birdhouse at the Beach as well, complete with a Brenda Hart stitch guide.


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