Mar 18, 2013

There's a New Girl (or Two) in Town UPDATED AGAIN

There's a new stitch guide writer in town and she's hanging out with Floozies!  Don't believe me?  Check out Sloe Gin Sadie.

Over at the other side of the bar is Champagne Corliss.

These Floozies are both from Leigh Designs, stitched by Pat Miller who is creating stitch guides for your stitching pleasure.  If you are a shop you can order one of Pat's guides when you order your canvas from Leigh, or if you have one of these canvases lurking in your bar, you can email Pat directly and get a guide to help you stitch the slightly shady lady of your dreams.

Rumor has it that the next lady to undergo Pat's makeover will be Kitty from the Femme Fatale series.

You know, I think I've seen that platinum blonde before....

UPDATE:  The Needleart Nut has added a Stitch Guide page to her blog so that fans of her style can read about all the guides she's completed in one place.

UPDATE #2:  Kitty from Leigh Designs is done.  A guide will be ready shortly (second link).   Aren't that gown and stole fabulous!?!

UPDATE #3:  Morgana of the Ladies of the Night series is framed.  A stitch guide from the Needleart Nut will be in the works shortly.

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