Nov 9, 2012

Sherry's Pocito Guide is Ready

Sherry Bray's Pocito Finished But Unframed

Sherry Bray has finished her version of one of Manuel Salas' Day of the Dead ladies and the stitch guide is now available.  Sherry choose to work Pocito, whose full name translates to a Little Bit of Color.  (If the piece looks familiar, I am stitching Pocito's sister Belleza.)  You can see Manuel's artwork translated onto needlepoint canvas at the Tapestry Fair website.

One Day of the Dead lady canvas is so new she's not on the website yet but you can see her on Tapestry Fair's blog.

Tony Minieri has done guides for Pocito and Belleza.  You can see them here.  If you are interested, email him at the address listed.

BeStitched has done classes for both Pocito and Belleza so you might be able to buy class materials from them, but ask if everything needed to stitch the canvases their way is included in the guide.  I've been told that class materials sold as stitch guides later don't allow access to the videos that class members get to help them with unusual stitches.  Just be sure you know what you are getting before you buy, ok?

If you are interested in Sherry's stitch guide, talk to Queen Anne Stitches Needlepoint via their Facebook page of the exact same name.  This was a class that Sherry taught for them.  The shop is in Santa Clara, CA and their phone number is 661/286-1248.  I believe they are open in the afternoons except for Sunday but they don't have a website so I am not certain.


Peggi @ Tapestry Fair said...

YAY!!! Really gorgeous - thanks Sherry!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is my great pleasure, Sherry~