Oct 31, 2012

A Free Stitch Guide from Palma for Halloween

Palma's Halloween Cracker

To celebrate Halloween, Palma Seljan posted this free stitch guide for one of Melissa Shirley's Halloween cracker canvases on Facebook's Needlepoint Group.  With Palma's permission, I am sharing the guide here for folks who don't "do" FB.  Here's the link to the entire set of Halloween Crackers.

Happy Halloween!


Background in small box
Silk and Colors 1029
Diagonal Mosaic
you can use any yellow and orange threads you may have  I used Kreinik 
Tent stitch
Ultra-suede (got mine from a pack from Orna Willis and it is a really good one). Got it from her website
Cotton Perle 310
River Silks 204 7 mm ribbon

I had a copy made of the canvas and cut the outline of the boot. Place it on a ultra-suede piece and tacked it in place. I padded the area before tacking the suede with some frenck Knots with Cotton Perle to raise it a bit. I added 2 beads but you can also use sequins; whatever you have home as you only will need 2.
Make a bow with the River Silks and tack it in place
Gold line around central box
FyreWerks FT15
Tent over 2 horizontally and one vertically
Purple area around central box
Pearl Cotton 553
Side Panels:
Orange area 
Purple area 
Yellow area
Black area 

Sparkles, orange
Painters Thread ribbon 126
Petite Very Velvet 246
Ribbon Floss Metallic 007
Pearl Cotton 301

Couch the Sparkles in place
Satin Stitch
Interlocking gobelin
Padded satin (I padded the area with the Pearl Cotton)
Green border
Bead chain (from Soronan Beads, link below)
Before I couched it in place I stitched the area with a matching green that I had which was Burmilana 3908 but you can use something you may have at home
Ribbon Floss metallic 007 and 104
Pearl Cotton 301 and 553
Delica Duracoat, DB1835-TB beads (chattreuse)
Padded Satin (padded with the Pearl Cotton)
String the beads and attach to the border

Links: For Orna’s ultra-suede:     http://www.ornadesign.com/v2/shop/notions/ultrasuede/

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