Jun 25, 2012

Introducing Barcelona

Barcelona, from Leigh Designs
Above you see my latest model for Leigh Designs. This lovely little 6x6 design is the small (or "coaster") version of Barcelona from Leigh Design's ESPANA series.   It premiered at the Columbus trade show over the weekend.  Inspired by sunny Spain, these designs are all lace and stylized flowers with a touch of beautiful pottery thrown in.  You can see the larger versions of ESPANA at Leigh's website.

The 10 inch square and the 6 inch square smaller pieces are  both on 18 count yellow canvas.

Barcelona, Coaster Size
As usual, I've also written a Barcelona stitch guide that you can order directly from me, or that your shop can pick up for you from Leigh Designs when they get the canvas.  The guide will also work for the large version of Barcelona if you increase some of the supplies.  I've listed what you need to buy extras of in the stitch guide if you choose the 10x10 Barcelona.

A Closer View of Barcelona
Here's a closer view of the finished piece.   It took me about a month to stitch, working a little each night.  If it were mine instead of living with Leigh Designs and traveling to meet shops, I would appliqué it to a summer straw purse and take it to the beach, then put it on my closet shelf during the winter months to smile at me and bring sunshine into my heart when it is cold outside.


Anonymous said...

This is simply awesome, Jane! Very impressive. Judy G

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thank you, Judy. For such a small piece, it has a lot of impact. It was great fun to figure out, too.

Peggi @ Tapestry Fair said...

You did a beautiful job (as usual) on Barcelona - love the ribbon leaves.

MysteryKnitter said...

Pretty sight.