Nov 22, 2011

ABS Designs with Stitch Guides

Anne Stradal's lovely designs are very simply drawn and painted, but brought to life by the stitch choices she makes.  She stitches a lot of models for her pieces--let me tell you, a display of forty or so little lighthouse ornaments will knock you socks off!--but until now most of her pieces didn't have stitch guides to let a stitcher reproduce them exactly as Anne stitched them.

The operative words are "until now."  For the set of four gentlemen's outfits which she calls Savile Row, Anne is having stitch guides created by Sue Dulle.  Hurrah!  You can see two of the designs at the link below.  There's an Irish country gentleman (Liam) in an Argyle sweater and wool scarf, and Reggie the tennis pro dressed to play in a warm up jacket.

The third is the city gentleman Oliver in a Fair Isle vest, and the fourth is Cecil the dandy.

When they are all finished and on her website I'll update this article with a photo of all four.  Until then, here's the site for general browsing fun.

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