Mar 16, 2011

Art Needlepoint's "Stitch Guide"

Art Needlepoint's blog just mentioned what they call a stitch guide, emailed free to anyone who has bought from them in the last year.  It appears to be a collection of twenty-two diagrammed stitches along with hints on where to use them.  It is NOT what we generally refer to as a stitch guide, which is usually what a road map plan for a specific canvas is called by modern needlepointers.

Please note that Art Needlepoint sells glicee printed canvases (and some hand painted ones--see Doreen's Comment below) that reproduce various paintings.  Their work is not stitch painted so if you are not comfortable with canvases where you have to figure out what color goes where, you should avoid their designs.


Doreen said...

Chilly Hollow. Thank you for the mention. Couple of clarifications. Our Stitch Guides showcase various basic and decorative stitches that can be used on any canvas, and we also provide personalized stitch guides for any particular canvas based on a stitcher's skill level. Our canvases are not silk screened. Those that are not handpainted ( we do have handpainted canvases as well)are giclees which how what lithographs used to be and how most art is reproduced today. Many handpainted are not stitch painted and many of our canvases are stitch related - and nearly all of our customers come back for seconds and thirds and more. Most are very easy to discern what colors go where. And we are always here to help in any way we can.

Doreen said...

Please see our April 3,2011 post on What's in a Design. Would love to talk with you.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Thanks for the clarification, Doreen! I greatly appreciate it.