Jan 18, 2011

Brenda Hart Stitch Guides

Brenda Hart teaches all over the country but she also occasionally does a stitch guide.  When you can find them, trust me, they will be fabulous!  I'm going to list all the guides I can discover.  If you know of others, please let me know in the comments so I can update the listing.

Brenda has collaborated with Red Thread Designs to write many stitch guides for their canvases.  You may be familiar with her book
It's In The Bag, which is a series of purse canvases from Red Thread Designs which Brenda stitched and published guides for.

Her book A Banner Year is done the same way.  It shows how to stitch a series of monthly banners from Rebecca Wood.

More traditional stitch guides for a single canvas can be found here and there.  Here is a tree canvas with one of Brenda's guides (from Red Thread) that pictures a little girl leaning up against the trunk, reading a book.

Ruth Schmuff has asked Brenda to write many guides for her modern and colorful canvases.  I believe that Brenda's guides are free with the canvas purchase.  Here's Fuchsia Lady.  Love that pony tail!

Yellow Lady also has a Brenda guide.

Top Hat Lady is the third in the series and she also has a Brenda guide.

If you can't decide which canvas you like best, then pick Party Girls, which is a larger design that incorporates all three woman and has a Brenda guide to stitching.

Shoppers is one of my favorites.  The stitch guide for it is for the 18 count version only.

There is a Summer Shoppers version with a Brenda guide.

Here is Shorebirds' lovely peacock canvas, for which Brenda has written a stitch guide.

Brenda has written stitch guides for several SharonG canvases. I know SharonG's Cat Walk and her Winter Stream have Brenda Hart guides and I believe there are more SharonG guides available.


Brenda has done guides for four of the eight big canvases in the Guadalajara series from Leigh Designs.


Robin said...

I am a Brenda Hart fan. Thanks for the nice compilation, Jane.

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

My pleasure. If you know of more guides from Brenda, add them, please!