Aug 31, 2010

Artists Collection

HeartString's Northern Lights Santa

Artists Collection represents three designers:  Mile High Princess, SHEAR Creations, and HeartStrings.

Heart Strings is the brainchild of Pat Thode.  Pat's designs all come with stitch guides and many also include buttons or charms to embellish the piece.  Her work reminds me of museum quality folk art, which is probably why her fans look forward each year to her limited edition Santas and why her designs draw huge interest when one appears on eBay.  I do not know if Pat writes the guides herself, never having been lucky enough to see a canvas and guide in person.  (They sell out like fresh baked bread at my LNS!)  The photo above is Pat's Northern Lights Santa, taken from the Needlenook of La Jolla's website (second link below).

Mile High Princess designs are whimsical and modern.  Many MHP angels and Santa canvases come with stitch guides, as do occasional popular pieces like the Princess and the Pea.  The guides I've seen in person are by SHEAR Creations.  They are three pages plus a cover page that has a nice large photo of the finished piece.  The instructions are step-by-step, with a diagram of the suggested stitch included for each step.  I don't know if all the guides come with their canvas or if they must be purchased separately.   I also don't know if all the guides are by SHEAR Creations, which happens to be another company represented by A Collection of Designs.  Here's the link to Mile High Princess' work.

I've written a separate blog entry about SHEAR Creations LLC already, so all I will say here is that this company is made up of Beth Robertson and Suzanne Howren, the geniuses behind the Stitches for Effect series.  Use the search box in the upper left corner to find what has been written here before about SHEAR Creations.


palma said...


Shear Creations, Mile high and Heart Strings are part of "Artist Collections" and not "A Collection of Designs" (ACOD) which is a different company. They both are great and I worked on pieces from both. The Halloween booties and trees from Shear Creations are gorgeous. Mine are with the finisher right now. Currently working on snowmen from ACOD

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Palma, thank you VERY much for the correction. This is what happens when one writes blog posts first thing in the morning. I am very sorry and apologize for not paying more attention to what I wrote and will correct things everywhere immediately!

I appreciate your sharp eyes keeping me straight.

palma said...

No need to apologize, we all do it. I will not write anything in the morning before I finish my cup of coffee :) Sometimes I need 2. I once was so distracted that I stitched a background with a different thread without noticing it until I had about 3 inches stitched - undoing is soooo much harder!!!!