Jul 31, 2011

A Guide to Robin King's Stitch Guides

Besides working on stitch guides for Amy Bunger, Robin King teaches at Amy's shop and also has started branching out to do stitch guides for other designers' canvases.  You may also know that Robin works behind the scenes producing Amy Bunger's How You Do That? series on DVDs.  She also designs and maintains websites in her spare time!  Recently Robin updated the Needlepoint Study Hall blog with a list of her available commerical and custom stitch guides by designer.  This is a work in progress and isn't complete yet but it worth bookmarking and keeping an eye on.

Robin wears both her webmaster and her stitch guide writer hats for Needle Deeva.  She's created the famous Creepy Creatures monthly club for Needle Deeva that will be in the shops starting this fall and is teaching a new Creep that I call Bones that isn't part of the club at Ruth Schmuff's shop this fall.  She will also teach one of the original Creeps at the TNNA show in August to shop owners.


Here's a shop review of the Creepy Creatures set.

Here's the Needle Deeva website, with a listing of all the stitch guides available from folks like Robin, Debbie Bowers, Vicky DeAngelis, and Cynthia Thomas.  Remember, Robin didn't just write some of the guides--she also created this part of the Needle Deeva's website.  Talented lady!

You can get the Kelly Clark Katt Z. Witch canvas with Robin's stitch guide included from the Amy Bunger website if your local shop doesn't have it.  I saw this canvas and Robin's guide at Waste Knot recently.  You won't believe the wonderful touches Robin adds to the canvas to make it even better than the original.  But that's what stitch guides are for.  They make for a fabulous collaboration between the canvas designer, the stitch guide writer and the stitcher!

If you are a fan of Robin's guides, keep a careful eye on Amy Bunger's website.  There's a section for custom stitch guides there that is updated periodically.  There you'll find many of the guides by Robin (and Amy, too).  They can only be purchased if you buy either the canvas or the thread kit from Amy's shop.  Details and clickable thumbnails of the custom guide canvases below.

Robin's finished Debbie Mumm's Harvest Fairy.  This canvas is distributed by Melissa Shirley.  Robin will be one of the featured stitch guide writers on Melissa's website once the new stitch guide writer Hall of Fame is finished.

You can see the Harvest Fairy and the Zecca Bird and Worm canvases Robin created guides for finished in the December 2010 e-newsletter from Amy Bunger's shop.

Melissa Shirley has added a profile of Robin to her website as well as a list of all the guides Robin has written for MSD canvases.

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