Nov 21, 2015

Movie Coaster Series (Melissa Prince Designs and Suzie Vallerie of Enriched Stitch) UPDATED AGAIN

Melissa Prince Designs just posted a photo of Suzie's finished Titanic coaster on Facebook.  There's a guide available via Suzie's shop, The Enriched Stitch, and you can order the canvas from Melissa.

UPDATE:  Here's the Cinderella coaster.  Apparently Suzie is stitching the entire series.

UPDATE #2:  Breakfast at Tiffany's

UPDATE #3:  Star Wars, Superman, and Forrest Gump

UPDATE #4:  Here is the model for the Wizard of Oz coaster.  Stitch guide by Suzie Vallerie, like all the others.

UPDATE #5:  Jaws!

If you are a movie fan, here is a listing of all Melissa P's movie coasters to date.  The brand new ones are in the second and third links.

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