Mar 29, 2015

Aloha from Needlepoint Etc.

Tess just posted a photograph of her finished & More canvas that says "Aloha."  The stitch guide was done by the owner of Needlepoint Etc. in Honolulu--Gussie Schubert.

If you need this reminder of Hawaii's charms, talk to Gussie about getting the canvas and her guide.

Mar 28, 2015

New Artist, New Stitch Guide (MaryJane Mitchell and Julia Snyder)

Ruth Schmuff just introduced a new artist, MaryJane Mitchell, with a canvas of a cat among the flowers that comes with a guide by Julia Snyder.  If you love cats, this is for you!

Looks like Julia's recipe for fun includes beads, silk ribbons, Silken Straw, memory thread and lots and lots of interesting threads.  Thanks, Ruth.  This is just the sort of spring canvas we need here in the depths of winter.  At least it feels like it with snow showers in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.

Mar 27, 2015


Sultry Outback 6301 from Leigh Designs' Jungle Heat Series
Guess what my next model and stitch guide for Leigh Designs will be?

You only get one guess.  LOL

UPDATE:  Pat's going to stitch "Fiery Brazil."  Let the fun begin!

UPDATE #2:  Pat has finished the guide for Fiery Brazil. It makes a fabulous pillow!

Mar 26, 2015

Garden Party (Vicki Sawyer)

Vicki Sawyer's "Garden Party" was the subject of a Julia Snyder class at Enriched Stitch last week. Now that the class is over, the shop is selling the stitch guide and canvas and threads as a kit.

If you are interested, contact the shop.

Mar 25, 2015

The Easter Parade (Liz)

This charming Easter parade canvas, featuring rabbits, ducks and a squirrel and butterfly, parading with their spring flowers and basket, is being stitched by Pam L. at Needle House in Houston.  Pam will have the stitch guide available shortly.

The canvas is from Liz Dillon of Tapestry Tent (distributed by Susan Roberts).  Contact Needle House for Pam's stitch guide.