Oct 24, 2014

Puffin Spotted in Maryland

If you love puffins and/or Ruth Schmuff's stitch guides, you will want to pick up the canvas for Scott Church's Puffin canvas, distributed by CBK but available with the guide thrown in for free at Ruth's shop (second link).

Oct 23, 2014

Suzanne Does Free Guides

Suzanne of the Hugs and Stitches blog is sticking her toe into stitch guide territory by offering to share the steps she took for the projects she worked on her own and posted about on her blog.

Here is what Suzanne stays of what she calls "stitching plans"--

I am trying to keep up with my "stitching plans" but I will at least throw one together if someone asks for it.  So if you decide you want the plan for any of these projects that I created myself, just let me know via email and I can send you the pdf guide for reference and ideas.  Until I consider myself a professional stitch guide writer, there is no fee. And since it's free, there is no pressure for it to be, there's THAT.   heehee

I do not re-release any guide that was written or provided by a shop/writer, only those that were my creation in entirety.  thank you.

No, Suzanne, thank YOU!

Everybody, take a browse and see if anything Suzanne has created from scratch catches your fancy.  She's willing to help you out, which is very nice of her.

Oct 22, 2014

The Three Witches

Just in time for Halloween, Michele at Bristly Thistle has finished her stitch guide for Pajamas and Chocolate's "Three Witches."  I think it is charming.

I'm sure Patt (the designer--Pajamas and Chocolates is the Patt and Lee hand painted line) is very pleased.  If you are charmed as well, you can pick up the canvas and guide via Michele's shop.

Oct 20, 2014

Festival Owls Stitch Guide

Carolyn Hedge Baird just posted on Facebook that she's nearly finished stitching the Vicki Sawyer/Melissa Shirley canvas called "Festive Owls."  You can get a good idea of what the finished piece will look like here.  I think it's magnificent!

If you are interested, use Facebook's messaging system to let Carolyn know or contact her through Chaparral Needlepoint in Houston, Texas.

Oct 17, 2014

Laurie Walden, of Chaparral UPDATED

Melissa Shirley has added a profile of Laurie and the guides she has written for MSD canvases to her website.

UPDATE:  Laurie has a website now!  If you click on the Stitch Guides section you can choose between the designers Laurie's done guides for.   Click on the designer name to see models of the finished designs.  They are a varied lot, but Laurie's done a great job on each and every one.