Nov 29, 2016

Cookbooks (Alice Peterson, Stephanie Mandelbaum and Mary Ellen Kearns Winnicki) UPDATED AGAIN

Ridgewood Needlepoint just announced Stephanie Mandelbaum is working on a stitch guide for Alice Peterson's new "Cookbooks" canvas.  Here's a photograph of it I found online.

The guide is free if you buy the threads from the shop or $20 if you only want the guide.  Of course Ridgewood can get you the canvas, too.    Just talk to the shop for help.

UPDATE:  Enriched Stitch has Mary Ellen Kearns Winnicki's stitch guide for this canvas also.  $40 according to this Facebook posting.

UPDATE #2:  Apparently Amy Bunger (Amy's Golden Strand) and Eva Donnelley at A Stitch in Time have done guides for this canvas.  Stitch By Stitch Larchmont has one for the 13 count version.

UPDATE #3:  Amy Bunger is also working on guides for the "Children's Books" and "Classic Books" versions of this design

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