Sep 26, 2015

Haunted Hill (Leigh Designs) UPDATED ONCE MORE

The new Leigh Designs series for Destination Dallas is called Haunted Hill.  Five of the eight designs in this spooky town have stitch guides!  Each is more haunted than the next....

So, which is your favorite?

Carolyn Taggart's Jack 'o Lantern Lane

Pat Miller's Wailing Woods

Sandy Arthur's Phantom Forest

Sharon Quick's Bones Borough

Jane Wood's Purgatory Place

See?  Each more spooky than the last.  LOL

UPDATE:  If Wailing Woods caught your eye, Pat is going to blog about various areas of this piece.  I'll add the links here for you.

UPDATE #2:  Amy and Jill are going to be stitching Witches Glen and posting progress photos on Facebook, probably at the Amy's Golden Strand page.  Join in the free fun and stitch with Amy.

UPDATE #3:  Lori  Carter at Amy's Golden Strand is working on Bat Cave Boulevard.  Guide available from Amy's shop shortly.

UPDATE #4:  The Needlepointer in Everett, Washington has the models from Leigh's series on display with other Halloween-themed pieces.  You can see just how small (6x6 inches) but detailed each is.


  1. I thought on your site that you showed the Leigh Haunted Hills with stitch guides as one purchase? Is there a way to get the stitch guide and canvas together? I want to get all 8.

    1. Sure. All the guides above are available from Leigh Designs so when your favorite shop orders the canvases, ask them to get the guides for you at the same time. Easy peasy!

  2. Wait a minute.... I forgot Amy had guides. Those you have to get from Amy and she doesn't sell guides except with a purchase of either the canvas and/or the thread kit. Sorry. I forgot about hers. You can see the guides available from Leigh on her website. Copy-paste this (I can't make links in comments live). Click on the photo of the unstitched canvas to see the model stitched.