Apr 7, 2015

Sue Thanks Stitch Guide Writers

Sue is working a painted canvas using a stitch guide, which prompted her to write about stitch guides and stitch guide writers.  I thought both folks who have used guides and folks who have never even seen one would find this interesting.  I also hope it gives permission to those who are afraid to deviate from their instructions to go ahead and try their ideas.  These are stitch GUIDES after all, not laws.

You are welcome, Sue!


  1. Thank you and all those who write wonderful stitch guides. This is probably one of the best ways new needlepointers have to learn where and how to use different stitches. They are more likely to try a new stitch (and thread) that is suggested in a stitch guide than they are to open a stitch book and pick their own stitch. Once confidence is built then they will advance to "maybe this stitch will work for this area"...So thank you to all the confidence builders who help the novice become a better stitcher.