Jan 13, 2015

Patricia Sone's Work to Admire UPDATED

I've just discovered that not only does Patricia Sone have a Facebook page listing her work, she has a blog!

It's a work-in-progress, so not everything is in place yet.  For now, if you see a guide or class project you are interested in, contact Patricia via Facebook.

UPDATE:  Melissa Shirley has announced two new Patricia Sone guides for her canvases--Yellow Bird House...

...and Gardening Bunny, which is a Mary Lake-Thompson design Melissa distributes.

ANOTHER UPDATE:  Stitches in Time in Houston has four rabbit canvases (I think they are from Melissa Prince) in stock, each with a Patricia Sone stitch guide.

Here is the Mary Lake Thompson Bee Bunny and Gardening Bunny, both with guides from Patricia.

And here is another bunny egg.

THIRD UPDATE:  Patrica shows off her Winter 2017 Market finds, which will be available as classes and guides eventually.

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