Aug 15, 2014

TNNA Winter Market 2014 Stitch Guide News

I decided to gather all the stitch guide news from the San Diego Market in one place--here!

Amy Bunger says Cindy McKown is going to do a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's new witch canvas.  Here is Melissa's canvas.  There's no photo of the model since the canvas just came out.

Amy shared a photo of Cindy McKown's Raymond Crawford Christmas set, too.  I think Cindy works at Nashville Needleworks.

Laura Perin did a wonderful job with Sandra Gilmore's Pretty and her Nutcracker and also the Hydrangea and the Statue of Liberty.

Cynthia Thomas has been busy doing models and stitch guides for Patt and Lee's new Witches Through Time series and Rebecca Wood's Favorite Things ornaments.  Navigate through Cynthia's Facebook photo album starting here.

Here is what Kreinik says about the Favorite Things pieces and Cynthia's guides.

Melissa Shirley has just finished the stitch guide for her Winter Table, one of a series of seasonal table still lives that she just released.

Other folks have also done new guides for Melissa's work.  The What's New section of her website shows Beverly Churchfield's guide for her Beach Birds, Jan Ayeroff's guide for her Stitching Witches,  and both Easter and Valentine cracker guides from the duo of Palma Seljan and Cynthia Thomas.

Ruth Schmuff has been busy with new guides.  She's done one for Tapestry Fair's Egyptian dog, which is a companion piece to Ruth's version of Tapestry Fair's Egyptian cat Bastet.

Her guide for Ewe and Eye's twirling snowmen is a stunner!

Ruth also has a guide for her Silly Elf, a small Santa in wild socks out for a stroll during the (green) moonlight.

Ruth's shop Bedecked and Beadazzled often has Brenda Hart in to teach and Brenda has done guides for two canvases for the shop.  The first is Ewe and Eye's Candy Rush, the snowman skiing down the mountain on his candy canes.  The second is Melissa Shirley's beach birdhouses piece (second link).  From winter to summer, Brenda Hart does it all!

Finally, Robin King has been so busy writing guides she hasn't had time to update her blog (first link).  Robin does post photos of a canvas when she finishes a guide on her Facebook page (second link) so check there to see what fun she has been up to.  Robin also maintains a Pinterest page with guides listed there under "Robin King Needlepoint."

Well, that's everything I can remember.  It's a good time for those who love using stitch guides!

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