Jun 2, 2014

New Stitch Guides from the Spring 2014 TNNA Show

I thought I'd collect all the news about stitch guides from the Spring 2014 TNNA market in one place.  Latest on top!

The Northern Light Santa (the Blue Russian!) is available now.  Your shop can order my guide from Leigh Designs when they order the canvas or it is available from me directly.

Cynthia Thomas has a new guide for this fishing cat in a patchwork coat canvas from Maggie. The matching frame is from Lisa Krause.

Robin King has a new guide for Birds, a canvas by Edith/Tapestry Fair.

Amy Bunger is going to create a stitch guide for Melissa Shirley's new Fourth of July basket.

The Point of It All Designs now has a stitch guide (unknown author) for their Nouveau Heron piece.

Sundance Needlepoint Designs just posted a photo of their Carmen on Facebook. Carmen's a Day of the Dead lady outfitted with Carmen Miranda's signature turban with fruit headdress.  A stitch guide is available.

Laura Perin has finished her latest Sandra Gilmore/Once in a Blue Moon guide for this cute little snowman canvas.

Laura Taylor has a new website. It lists both her classes and available stitch guides.

Amy Bunger just announced a fun stitch guide for "Bull Sit" from Annie Lane.  The guide is by Cindy McKown and should be ready late May-early June.  Amy's shop is also doing CowHide (second link), also by Cindy.


Sharon Quick just posted on Facebook that she is starting to stitch this Lani flower and bird collage for a guide.   The design is brand new and is called "Rosy Pink Collage."  If you Think in Pink, this is for you!  The guide will be available from Lani Designs (second link) once Sharon is finished.


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