Jun 3, 2014

New Stitch Guides from Amy's Golden Strand

Amy Bunger's June-July 2014 shop newsletter has announced new stitch guides by Amy herself,  and by Lori Carter.

Amy has done a guide for Horatio Hornblower Hooter.  This is one of a series of whimsical owls in period costume from JP Designs.  Amy's also finished a guide for Melissa Shirley's Valentine Basket. The thread kits for this Valentine piece from Melissa's basket series will be ready to ship shortly.  (Remember, you cannot buy a standalone guide from Amy's store; you must buy either the canvas or the thread kit--or both--with your stitch guide.)

Amy, who has been VERY busy, has also finished a guide for Zecca's Fox in a Field, and for Ewe and Eye's House with Ships, which screams Nantucket to me, by the way.

Lori's new guide is the latest in Rogue Needlepoint's Tudor series.  She has just finished Katherine Parr and is starting work on Jane Seymour.  The final queen in the series to be stitched will be Katherine Howard, followed by King Henry VIII himself last.

Finally, Amy lists guides that are being worked on which will be ready later this year:
Annie Lane's Dirty Martini (Amy guide)
Rogue Needlepoint's Queen Jane Seymour (Lori guide)
Labors of Love's Baxter poodle (Amy guide)
JP's Pirate Owl "Hysterical Historical Blackbeak Hooter" (Amy guide)
Melissa Shirley's Fourth of July Basket (Amy guide)

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