Apr 29, 2014

If Bob Mackie Needlepointed.... UPDATED


If the costume designer Bob Mackie stitched, the above is what he would come up with.

This is Jubilee, one of the Showgirls series from Leigh Designs.  Pat Miller, the Needleart Nut, is completing the stitch guide as I type.  You can order it from Pat or your shop can order the guide directly from Leigh Designs when they get you the canvas.

Can you see the crystals among the feathers?  Or on her leotard?  I particularly love her shoes!  Lovely job, Pat.  Bob Mackie lives!


Here is how you order guides from Pat.  Jubilee will be listed shortly.

UPDATE:  The Jubilee stitch guide is ready.  Here's what she looks like framed.  AMAZING!

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